Moscow police arrested Polar Bears

Greenpeace activist dressed in a polar bear costume being arrested by Moscow police outside Gazprom's headquarters in Moscow. Photo: Greenpeace

Activists dressed in polar bear costumes blocked the driveway outside Gazprom skyscraper in Moscow. Greenpeace calls upon Gazprom to stop its offshore oil drilling in the Barents Sea.


Artificial ice on the driveway made the playground for the polar bear activists, while the banner posted the clear message “Save the Arctic.” Moscow police arrested 10 of the activists, including the four dressed as polar bears. One of them was carrying a sign saying “Miller – Your driller is Arctic Killer.” Alexei Miller is top chief of Gazprom, the Russian state own company operating the Prirazlomnoye rig in the eastern part of the Barents Sea.

Two weeks ago, activists onboard the Greenpeace vessel “Arctic Sunrise” boarded the Prirazlomnoye rig in a protest against all arctic oil drilling.

Half a million people are supporting the campaign Greenpeace runs to protect the Arctic, reads the portal of the organizations Russian branch office.

“The only way to precent a catastrophe is to prohibit any drilling here and around the North Pole and create a global nature reserve, turning it into an area of peace and science,” says Vladimir Chuprov, head of the energy department of Greenpeace Russia.

Greenpeace has posted a video from Wednesday’s protest on YouTube