Rosgranitsa eliminates border queues

The illustration is viewed from east and shows the five lanes for people entering Russia to the left and the five lanes for people travelling out of Russia to the right.

NIKEL: A €26 million investment at the Russian border checkpoint to Norway will eliminate all queues on the Russian side. The reconstruction of the checkpoint is planned to be finished by 2015.


The traffic increase at the Norwegian-Russian border crossing has tripled over the last two years and the current checkpoints have become too small. In Norway the debate of building a new checkpoint has been going on for years, while Russia is about to solve the problem with brand new border facilities at Borisoglebsk on the border to Norway. 

“The checkpoint will have a daily capacity of 2500 passengers and 1 000 cars. It will be a huge improvement from the current situation and will also eliminate all queues”, says Vladimir Lisin from Rosgranitsa.

The Rosgranitsa Agency is in charge of all Russian border checkpoints and will engage on the expansion at Borisoglebsk already next year. The project is financed by Kolarctic and according to the plans set for the project the construction work must be finished by 2015.

The area used for passport and vehicle control will be more than doubled in the future. The current checkpoint which handles both ingoing and outgoing traffic, will in the future be a five lane area with roof to handle only travellers entering Russia. The area north of the checkpoint will be developed and a similar five lane area for travellers leaving Russia will be built here. In addition there will be administration buildings even further to the north.

Se all of Rosgranitsa’s illustrations in the attached slide show.