Norwegian-Russian border exercise

Border commissioners Ivar Magne Sakserud (left) from Norway and Vitaly Mikhailov from Russia at the joint Norwegian-Russian border exercise last week. All photos: Morten Brugård.

Ivar Sakserud (left) and Vitaly Mikhailov are joining forces for border surveillance. This year’s exercise was held in the northern sector of the border area. See photos.


The joint exercise on the Norwegian-Russian border has become annual event, held at new locations along the border every year. This year it was held in the most mountainous areas of the border, near the Norwegian border station on Korpfjell on the Norwegian side. This is just north west of the town Pechenga on the Russian side. 

Events like this are important in building relations between the two sides guarding the border. Norwegian and Russian guards jointly constitute one border guard. You can almost say we have one common border and one common border guard service,  Norwegian Border Commissar Colonel Ivar Sakserud told BarentsObserver during last year’s  exercise.’s reporter Morten Brugård followed the exercise last week. See a slide show of his photos from the event below.