Russian salmon threatens Atlantic salmon

Humpback Salmon (Ill: Wikipedia)

The humpback salmon has spread from Russian rivers and over to Norwegian rivers, and is now threatening the existence of the wild Atlantic salmon in Norwegian rivers.

The humpback salmon is originally a fish based in the Pacific Ocean. However, Russian scientists started fish farming of this species in rivers in Northwest Russia in the 60ties. Now the humpback salmon has spread to several Norwegian rivers and has become a huge problem, according to Norwegian TV-channel NRK.

The county governor’s environmental department try to catch as many Humpback salmons as possible, but they are really worried that the species will dominate several rivers in some years. The Humpback salmon breeds very quickly and could thus out conquer the Atlantic salmon. The wild Atlantic salmon is already threatened from fish farming in Norwegian fjords, where escaped fish couples with the wild fish and hampers the quality of the fish.