Preparing for more cross-border trade

The Russian Customs will be less corrupt and more efficient, a new strategy document says. Photo: Thomas Nilsen/BarentsObserver

Russia’s new customs strategy will help the country integrate in the international economy, the government says.


The strategy, approved and signed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on 28 December, is based on innovative principles and aims at an expansion of cross-border trade, as well as new forms of external economic activities, a government press release reads.

The overall objective is to identify “the most efficient approaches to the development of the customs service in line with international standards and federal legislation”, the government underlines.

The guiding document highlights the need for better customs infrastructure in the border areas and includes a stress on the full exclusion of corrupt practices and crimes among service officials, the Federal Customs Service informs. Staff training will be enhanced and investments will be placed in the development of the regional customs offices.

The new strategy comes as Russia adopts WTO regulations as part of its new membership in the trade club.

After a major drop in 2009, Russian foreign trade in 2010 and 2011 increased significantly. Figures from the Service show that the Russian year-on-year foreign trade turnover in 2012 increased by a little more than four percent.