Russia is Norway’s No. 1 fish market

Norwegian seafood on display at one of the more expensive resturant in Moscow. Photo: Thomas Nilsen

38 percent of all imported seafood to Russia comes from Norway. Ivan and Olga’s appetite for sushi is one of the reasons why salmon and trout sales increase.

Russia became the single most important market for Norwegian seafood in 2012, reads the export overview presented by Norwegian Seafood Council on Thursday.

The export to Russia had a value of NOK 6 billion (€823 million) up around 15 percent from 2011. France is the second most important market for Norwegian seafood, with an export value of NOK 4,9 billion (€672 million).

It is not difficult to see the reason for the popularity of salmon and trout when walking around in Murmansk, Moscow or St. Petersburg. Sushi bars are popping up all over. If you think shashlik or borsch is the national course, you might reconsider that fact after visiting restaurants and bars in today’s urban areas.

Norway sold 29,000 tons more salmon to Russia in 2012 than the previous year, in total 120,000 tons. The increase in sales of trout was even more, up 60 percent from 2011 to 2012. More than half of all Norwegian trout export now goes to Russia.