Arkhangelsk branch of the North Sea Route Administration to open in May

Arkhangelsk office will also handle applications for sailing along, monitor weather, ice and navigation conditions in the area.

It is decided at the Transport Ministry session, devoted to the Russian transport strategy.

According to the Governor of Arkhangelsk region Igor Orlov, Arctic navigation is one of the basic directions of the region’s development, his official portal says.

“Renovation of the North Sea Route infrastructure it very important now”, says Orlov, who believes Arkhangelsk air, railway and highway traffic will also benefit from this project.

Earlier Arkhangelsk regional administration believed the North Sea Route Administration would be located in Arkhangelsk, and give the region a boost in development through increased freight traffic. Murmansk region also expected parts of the Administration would move to Murmansk, but it was decided to place it in Moscow.

BarentsObserver reported, the Northern Sea Route office will be responsible for the organization of procedures for shipping in the area, including the introduction of security and environmental measures. The office staff will handle applications for sailing along the route and monitor weather, ice and navigation conditions in the area.