Russian culture wins Finnish state support

The Cultura Fund will provide support to the development of Russian language and culture. Collage: BarentsObserver

Finland is establishing a fund for the support of Russian culture in the country.


The Cultura Fund will focus on the development of the language and culture of the Russian-speaking population in the country, as well as promote integration, Yle reports.

A part of the new fund will be the opening of a center for meetings and events, as well as for various Russian-language services.

“The Russian-language population in Finland continues to grow, and is an important source and resource for cultural diversity”, ministry representative Maja Lummenpuro told Yle.

The Ministry of Education this year allocates €80.000 for the fund. In addition, several involved towns contribute.

The Russian-speaking population in Finland today amounts to about 60,000 people, about half of whom live in Helsinki.