On two wheels through the Barents region

Eleven participants from the bike-club ‘Cruise’ from Kotlas and Arkhangelsk – the capital of the Pomor land, set off to a bike trip along the roads of Finland and Sweden. The trip is devoted to the beginning of the summer Olympic Games.


The bikers started on the 23 of July at 9 p.m. from the local train station in Arkhangelsk. The participants of the trip are enthusiastic and never giving up sportsmen from 33 to 72 years old. They will visit different cities in Finland and Sweden, where they are meeting their sport-friends as well as the mayors of those cities. The bikers are going to stop near historical places and local sites and sleep in tents or under open air.    

As the leader of the bikers’ group Luidmila Dobrinina told, the group starts their trip from Kandalaksha, where they get by a train and moving from North to South finish in St. Petersburg. This part of the journey is an annual tradition carried out by ‘Cruise’ already for the 25th time. Many of the club members have already biked all over Europe along the roads of Germany, France, Denmark and other countries. 

The chairperson of the Arkhangelsk regional social organization of the sport veterans pointed out that these people started biking being young and still are passionate about it. By their own example, the veteran-bikers want to show the youngsters how important sport and active lifestyle is!