Giant lift for Goliat

The Goliat oil rig will be the world’s largest of its kind when it is finished. Recently the housing module was lifted on to the main rig. See time lapse video of the spectacular lift.

The Goliat field is the first oil field to be developed in the Barents Sea and the operator is Eni Norway in a partnership with Norway. The floating rig built on the Norwegian Sevan-design, is constructed at one of the world’s largest ship yards, Hyundai Heavy Industries in South Korea

Recently the housing area of the rig was lifted and attached to the main rig. This is the largest single module which will be rigged in this project. The five stories high housing module weighs 1 100 ton and the world’s largest cranes were used to perform the lift. The 5000 square meter module, consists of 120 single rooms and it is constructed on Norwegian standards to withstand the harsh arctic conditions. For the housing area alone, the ship yard has used over 650 000 working hours.

The Goliat rig will have a diameter of 100 meter and fills the entire dry dock of the gigantic ship yard. They even had to blast away some of the dry dock to be able to move the rig into the sea. The assembly of the rig modules was started a year ago and the rig is now overshadowing everything else at the ship yard.

See the time lapse video of the housing module lift below.