Possible hydrocarbon findings on Langlitinden in Barents Sea

Langlitinden is located some 165 kilometers northwest of Hammerfest in Finnmark (Map from Offshore Energy Today)

North Norwegian energy company Det norske found hydrocarbons in its first own-operated well in the Barents Sea.


Det norske found hydrocarbons in core samples from its Langlitinden prospect in the Barents Sea. “Drilling operations are ongoing and final results are not yet available”, the company said in a press release.

Langlitinden is one of three licenses Det norske holds in the Barents Sea, and the first ever to be developed by the company as operator. Drilling startet on January 14.

The prospect is located some 165 kilometers northwest of Hammerfest, which serves as the helicopter and supply base during the operation. The Langlitinden prospect lies in the Kobbe formation on the Bjarmeland platform. Seismic data have indicated several large channels in Kobbe that might possibly also function as stratigraphic traps.  

Det norske is operator in the production license with a 30 percent stake in the project. Other major stakes holders are Norwegian Petoro (30 percent) and Swedish Lundin (20 percent).