World’s best fishing in Murmansk – Putin

Russian Prime Minister says Murmansk Region has the best fishing in the world.

Vladimir Putin reveals wilderness passions in interview.


Russia’s macho-image Prime Minister Vladimir Putin gives an in-deep interview to the magazine Outdoor Life about his experiences as hunter and fisherman.

Naturally, he highlights the great wilderness possibilities in Russia’s High North.

- As for fishing, it is congenial to me; I love it and enjoy any opportunity, Putin says in the interview.

The Prime Minister continues: “….according to my personal rating, one can experience the best fishing in the world in the Murmansk Region and in the Volga River delta near Astrakhan.”

Murmansk Region (Kola Peninsula) is famous for its great salmon rivers and thousands of lakes.

Vladimir Putin is not the only celebrity that finds the Kola Peninsula to be the best fishing ground.

Media mogul Ted Turner and his celebrity friends have been salmon fishing along the remote Ponoi River. Other famous salmon rivers in the region are Umba and Krivetz.