Patriarch met with military honours

Patriarch Kirill

Visiting Severodvinsk Saturday Patriarch Kirill boarded Russia’s newest nuclear powered submarine to the tune of a military march while passing the lines of navy officers.

The labour of a submariner is very hard, but your labour and your loyalty to your country are critical not only for the status of Russia as a great power, but also for its calm and prosperous future, Patriarch Kirill said to the submariners, according to Itar-Tass.

The crew of the submarine, Dmitry Donskoi, got an icon from Kirill, while the sailors gave the patriarch a replica of the submarine.

Dmitry Donskoi is Russia’s first new strategic nuclear powered submarine since the last Delta-IV submarine was taken into operation in 1992.

Patriarch Kirill also visited the city of Arkhangelsk and the Solovki Islands.