Tax revenues down in Murmansk

Murmansk administration (

The Murmansk Tax Service confirms that tax revenues in the region dropped 21,7 percent in the first quarter of the year. That has serious consequences for the regional budget.

According to the tax service, a total of 4.6 billion RUB of taxes were collected in Murmansk Oblast the first three months of 2009, which is 1.3 billion RUB (21,7%) less than in the same period last year. Of that sum, 800 million RUB are taxes included in the federal budget, which is a 36,6 percent drop from the same period last year. Also regional budget revenues are down. According to, 3.8 billion RUB have in the first quarter been included in the consolidated regional budget, which is 17,7 percent less that in the same period 2008.