Medvedev wants Russia-EU common market

Dmitrii Medvedev (

In his speech at the World Policy Conference in Evian, France, today, Russian President Dmitrii Medvedev said he supports the idea of creating a common economic space between Russia and the European Union.

In his speech available on the president’s website, Dmitrii Medvedev said that he supports the idea to create a common space between Russia and the EU, an idea reportedly first presented by Nicolas Sarkozy.

-The proposal to create a common economic space between the European Union and Russia appears to me as a farsighted idea, he said, adding that the common space “will make it easier to secure sustainable economies and create a qualitative new atmosphere in relations” between the sides.

Mr. Medvedev in his speech also underlined that the current financial crisis shows that the architecture of the global economy must be changed. The role of existing international institutions must be reformed and new institutions created, he added.

Today’s speech in Evian, France, was part of the World Policy Conference, an initiative organised by the French Institute of International Relations.