Medvedev: hard to find qualified governors

Dmitrii Medvedev

In his meeting with the leaders of the seven Russian federal districts this week, President Dmitry Medvedev underlined the need for new mechanisms for training and hiring of civil servants. He also admitted that it is hard for the presidential administration to find suited candidates for the governor’s posts.

President Medvedev was crystal clear in the meeting with his seven top representatives in the regions. Russia needs to change the way state officials are being trained and recruited. More good managers are vital for the country to meet the challenges ahead, the president said in his speech published on the presidential website.

We can not meet our objective to become an innovative economy, a strong country and competative player in the global economy, without the active work of our most talented, most innovative and smartest peoples in our society, the President argued.

Jobs for sale

The president also admitted that the Russian state so far has not paid the necessary attention to this problem and that posts in the state appartus often are being sold and traded between people with influence in the system.

-We consider that the Russian state is a democracy and not a despotic state from the middle ages – therefore we need to overcome this vicious circle, Mr. Medvedev underlined.

Job register

President Medvedev now intends to establish an all-Russian system of recruitment of new civil servants. The new system will facilitate better selection of managers and increased flexibility and mobility between the levels of power, he said, adding that the system will apply for both federal, regional and municipal authorities.

Governor puzzle

In his speech, the president gave a hint to the seven leaders of the federal districts that it is highly complicated for the presidential administration to find suited candidates for the posts as regional governors.

-[…] we every time have major problems with finding the suited candidates for the highest posts in the federal subjects, he highlighted. –And this we must care about together, of course, with our colleagues from the regions, he said, adding that this is the responsibility of the heads of the federal districts.

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