Criminal case opened against Murmansk Duma speaker

Speaker of the Regional Duma in Murmansk Vasily Shambir.

The investigation committee in Murmansk has opened a criminal case against chairman of the Murmansk regional Duma Vasily Shambir. He is accused of fraud of 42 million rubles.


According to the investigators, Shambir illegally removed over 42 million rubles (€880.000) from the joint stock company KOMZ (Kandalaksha Developmental Engineering Plant) while serving as General Director at the plant from 2007 to 2009, B-port writes.

According to Shambir himself, the criminal case came as an “expected surprise”. “I heard about the criminal case from the media”, he says to B-port. “I am sorry to notice that this story is taking a political turn, and it is quite obvious where it all is coming from. I would like everything to be settled in court, just to put the matter to rest.”

“I cannot interpret the widely spread information about the accusations against my person in any other way as a continuous campaign of power politics directed against me”, Shambir says in a statement to the press. He has not been informed personally about any criminal charges and continues to work as chairman of the Duma.