Russian President calls on the Federal Security Service (FSB) collegium to make priority to Arctic border infrastructure.

Despite the challenges and political controversy of their presence, conscripts in the Norwegian border guard service say it is the best assignment to take on as a young soldier.

STORSKOG: Watch BOTV’s saturday morning report from Storskog border checkpoint.

The cross-border cooperation between Norway and Russia has had huge impact on local business in the border towns of Nikel and Kirkenes, especially since the introduction of visa-free border crossings.

STORSKOG: Queues are getting longer as traffic between Russia and Norway is now twice the capacity at the old border check-point. Chief of Police in Eastern Finnmark, Ellen Kathrine Hætta, urges funding to new facilities.

Leader of the Russian Border Agency is suspected of serious financial irregularities in the management of federal border development money.

If the Norwegian Government does not allocate money for a new border crossing station soon, the situation at the Storskog border crossing could become chaotic, local police in Kirkenes warns.

Norway’s new conservative government presented its political platform on Monday promising extended opening hours and better capacity at Storskog border check-point to Russia.

MURMANSK: A €26 million construction project is in pipeline for increasing the capacity by six times at Russia’s Borisoglebsk border check-point. Still no funding for replacing the outdated Norwegian Storskog check-point.

KIRKENES: A group of Russian border guards last week conducted a live-fire exercise and weapons inspection at a Norwegian army post during an annual border guard exchange between the two countries.

SALMIJERVI: Contrary to earlier plans, FSB border guards reinforce the physical protection along Russia’s border to Norway. A brand new, and partly double barbed wire fence is now under construction.

Companies trading with Russia are increasingly at unease as Russian Customs introduce a series of enhanced control measures along several of the country`s borders. In December, cross-border trade could face chaos as Russia exits international regulations on cross-border trucks traffic.

ARKHANGELSK: Norway’s Honorary Consul Andrey Shalyov has busy days as the number of cross-border travelers from the White Sea region beat all previous records.

How long time does the 230 kilometer long journey take for a letter between Kirkenes and Murmansk? We have tested.

With support from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism, a new link between Europe’s northernmost and southernmost border regions is established.