Putin: Shtokman start in 2011

Murmansk Governor Dmitri Dmitrienko and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin met in Murmansk on Saturday.

Visiting Murmansk on Saturday, Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin made it clear that the Shtokman development will start next year.

After the volcano ash cloud had delayed Putin’s Murmansk visit by two days, the Prime Minister finally made it to the north on Saturday.

In Murmansk, Vladimir Putin met with regional governor Dmitri Dimitrienko and here he made it very clear that the Shtokman project is by no means cancelled.  –In the spring next year the investment decision should be made, and immediately afterwards, the work on development of this field will start, Putin said according to the transcript from the meeting posted at the Prime Minister’s site.

- By the way, nobody cancelled the project, Putin said continuing: - It will of course require several years to run the field and to create the necessary infrastructure. It really takes several years, but it must be accomplished.

- Although, I must say that the work never stopped. All preparatory work is going on, the Prime Minister told Murmansk Governor Dmitrienko.

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Vladimir Putin also said that following the Shtokman gas-field development, without any doubt, the Murmansk region should be gasified.