Statoil did not discover oil in the controversial Apollo well near Bear Island.

Billions are invested in the Zvezda yard outside Vladivostok to make it capable of meeting Russia’s growing demand for ice-protected ships and platforms.

The Prirazlomnaya platform (

The Russian Nature Control Authority (Rosprirodnadzor) has approved the conclusions in a status evaluation of the “Prirazlomnaya” platform, currently under construction in Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk Oblast. The platform is built for the “Prirazlomnoe” oil field in the Pechora Sea

The Norwegian oil industry demands that it is given access to blocks in the waters around Spitsbergen. The companies also want access to areas in the northern parts of the Barents Sea, a new industry reports reads.

The Melkoya LNG plant (

The Norwegian Pollution Control Authority is requesting the Norwegian Minister of Environment to push on StatoilHydro to capture CO2 at the Melkøya LNG-plant in northern Norway.

StatoilHydro in northern Norway

Norwegian oil major StatoilHydro today made clear to the newly appointed Norwegian Minister of Oil and Energy that it is disappointed with the government’s reluctance to open up new promising areas for exploration.

Kara Sea, Yamal Peninsula

Russian energy major Gazprom is starting its drive towards the rich hydrocarbon resources on the Russian shelf with the development of the Yamal Peninsula. Only this year, the company is investing more than 100 billion RUB in the biggest of the regional fields – the Bovanenkovskoe.

The "Polar Pioneer"

StatoilHydro has discovered gas in one of the northernmost license equity in the Norwegian part of the Barents Sea.


Norwegian Pollution Control Authorities are criticized by environmental organizations in Norway for allowing StatoilHydro to start exploration drilling on the Nucula field in the Barents Sea.

The Yamal Peninsula

Head of the Union of Russian Oil and Gas Industrialists says the Yamal Peninsula for the next 50 years will be a vital key for the development of the world’s gas industry.

Photo: Dag Myrestrand/StatoilHydro

StatoilHydro’s third quarter revenue for 2008 shows a big decline in incomes, and much worse than what analysts had expected in advance.


Russia’s crude oil output declined with 10 million barrels and the export will now be cut.

The Kharyaga oil field (

French oil company will invest about 800 million USD in the further development of the Kharyaga field. Among the investment objects is a 300-person housing complex for workers.

The Shtokman and Nord Stream projects were on top of the agenda when Gazprom leader Aleksey Miller yesterday met with French Ambassador to Russia Jean De Gliniasty.

West Phoenix rig (Photo: Total)

The energy company Total is spending 120 million EUR on the Victoria well, which is considered to be the most important exploration drilling on the Norwegian continental shelf in 2009.