Statoil did not discover oil in the controversial Apollo well near Bear Island.

Billions are invested in the Zvezda yard outside Vladivostok to make it capable of meeting Russia’s growing demand for ice-protected ships and platforms.

The Russian North

About 30 percent of the world’s remaining natural gas is located north of the Arctic Circle, and most of it on Russian territory, a U.S. Geological Survey analysis concludes.

The Nord Stream project

The Nord Stream consortium has won the support from several powerful state leaders as well as the European Commission, but has not managed to convince the countries around the Baltic Sea. Now even Germany expresses doubts about the pipeline project.

Illustration: Aker

The Barents Sea shelf can contain as much as 76 billion barrels of oil equivalent possible technical recoverable, according to the latest estimates made by U.S. Geological Survey.

Photo: Aleksei Filin

Cows are grazing in the streets and the only decent building is the one currently renovated by the Shtokman Development AG. Welcome to Teriberka, the future hub of the world’s biggest offshore gas field.

Halonen, Medvedev (

The Nord Stream pipeline project should not be politicized, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev underlined in his meetings with Finland’s Tarja Halonen yesterday.


The Belgian branch of the PricewaterhouseCoopers, one of the world’s largest professional services firms, is interested in participation in the Shtokman project.

Lofoten waters

Norwegian oil major StatoilHydro wants to start drilling outside the vulnerable and resource-rich Lofoten Archipelago in 2011.

The Yuzhno-Khilchuyu field (BarentsObserver)

The Nenets Autonomous Okrug in major parts of 2009 had the biggest growth in industrial output in Russia, the latest Barents Monitoring reports shows.

The TGK-1

Northwest Russian electricity generator TGK-1 in 2009 boosted net profits to 3 billion RUB.

New gas coming (

The further gasification of the Republic of Karelia was on the agenda when Governor Sergey Katanandov yesterday met with Gazprom’s Aleksey Miller.

China eyes Arctic shipping as the ice-cap melts.

China will increase Arctic research and expedition efforts, the country’s top administrator on Polar research says. The undiscovered oil and gas resources in the Arctic are global resources, not regional, he claims.

Teriberka, Murmansk Oblast

The Murmansk division of the TGK-1 company has completed a technical upgrade of one of its four hydropower generators in the Serebryanskaya Station

The Polar Pioneer (

Norwegian oil major Statoil has got permission for drilling at the Skrugard field in the Barents Sea. Together with ENI, the company now also seeks permission for drilling at the Lunde field, located closer to land in the area.