Norway and Russia launches a joint expedition to determine the condition of a sunken nuclear submarine and containers of radioactive waste dumped in the Barents Sea.

International attention towards the Arctic Ocean and Barents Sea is increasing because of climate change concerns, the region’s mineral resources and the prospect of increased shipping across the Northern Sea Route. The extent of how these industries influence ocean health is still not fully understood in the Arctic science community.

Environmental map of Russia

While Murmansk Oblast is the 10th cleanest region in Russia, the Komi Republic is the 9th most polluted, a new environmental study of Russian regions indicates.

Oil production in Timan-Pechora province

About four tons of oil has spilled from an underground pipeline in the Komi Republic.

Russian heavy industry (

A Russian state official is accused by the General Prosecutor of illegally having granted mining and metallurgy company Norilsk Nickel pollution permissions. The illegal permissions might have inflicted economic damage to the Russian state worth more than one billion RUB.

The Greenland ice sheet is melting more rapidly than previously assumed. Since 1995, the Greenland ice has contributed to an annual ocean level rise of 0.7 millimeters.

Arctic ice melting

Overall Arctic sea ice thinned about 18 centimetres a year, for a total of 72 centimetres over the last four winters.

WWF at Shtokman

The Shtokman Development AG has signed an agreement with environmental watchdog WWF about information exchange in the first Shtokman development phase.

Nuclear challenges

The Murmansk regional parliament last week approved the federal law on radioactive wastes. That could turn the region into a nuclear dump, environmentalists say.

Radioactive subs

The Italian Fincantieri shipbuilding group has started the construction of a specialized vessel for transport of spent nuclear fuel in the Barents Sea.

The joint Russian-Norwegian commission on nuclear safety will make its second attempt this autum to meet in Murmansk.

Russian diamonds

The development of Lukoil’s Verkhotina diamond project in Arkhangelsk Oblast will lead to an environmental catastrophy of major proportions, local activists and researchers warn.

Teriberka, Murmansk Oblast

The Shtokman Development AG suggests to establish an environmentally protected zone near Teriberka, the hub in the Shtokman project.

Longyearbyen is the largest settlement on Svalbard.

Governor of Svalbard urges the public to avoid contact with dead animals or any animals that are behaving abnormally.

Minke whale.

Norway renews quotas for hunting 1286 minke whales in northern- and Arctic waters.