Russia is conducting an air force exercise involving more than 25 fighter jets and fighter bombers of different types in the Barents Sea area.

Security service agents from Murmansk, Arkhangelsk and Nenets conduct a major joint exercise at one of the country’s main Arctic oil installations.

Tu-22M (

The Russian Air Force today announced the launch of a tactical exercise involving long-range aviation in “northern latitudes”.

The Tourville (

The French frigate “Tourville” today arrives for a three-day visit to Severomorsk, the home base of the Russian Northern Fleet.

The "Admiral Kuznetsov" (

Commander in Chief of the Russian Navy, Admiral Vladimir Vysotskii, says Russia intends to build five or six new aircraft carriers. The vessels will help Russia become the second most powerful naval power in the world, the commander says.

Russian copter

Russia has admitted that one of the country’s frontier guard service helicopters flew into Finnish airspace over the near Nuijamaa in late July, Yle reports.

Medvedev, Serdyukov (

Russia’s increased military training activity and the announced restructuring of the Armed Forces can be seen as part of a necessary and overdue modernization and as a sound sign of the country’s bid to create forces which actually can defend the nation’s interests.

Russian federal power

President Medvedev yesterday postponed the adoption of the new Russian National Security Strategy with one month. That might indicate that the strategy position on the USA and western partners gets more conciliatory.

The Snøhvit LNG-plant harbour. Photo: StatoilHydro

The Norwegian Police Security Service (PST) considers the Snøhvit gas field on the Barents Sea coast the biggest terrorist target in Norway. This week, military forces held a counter-terrorism operation at field installations.

Russian security services do not exclude that the Bulava missile have been subject to sabotage, RIA Novosti reports.

K-496 Borisgleb (

The nuclear powered submarine K-496 “Borisgleb” this week made its last trip to the Zvezdochka yard in Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk Oblast, were it will be decommissioned and scrapped.

Photo is manipulated

Joint Strike Fighter might be too noisy for Bodø air base in northern Norway. The consequence could be that the coming main base for the Norwegian Air Force is placed elsewhere.

KV Harstad Photo: Thomas Nilsen

The Norwegian Coast Guard suspects the vessel of not comply with their obligatory duty to notify the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries about their fishing in the waters around Svalbard.

KV Senja (

Norwegian Coast Guard is redispositioning its vessels to cover a larger area along the coast of Norway. The reason is the no-fly ban imposed on rescue helicopters caused by the volcano ash from Iceland.

The old rebuilt vessel “Serebryanka” has shipped the first load of spent nuclear fuel from the run-down storage facility in the Andreeva bay near the border to Norway to Atomflot in Murmansk. Norwegian authorities was not informed about the shipment before after the vessel arrived in Murmansk.