Russia is conducting an air force exercise involving more than 25 fighter jets and fighter bombers of different types in the Barents Sea area.

Security service agents from Murmansk, Arkhangelsk and Nenets conduct a major joint exercise at one of the country’s main Arctic oil installations.

Russia’s Aerospace Defense Forces on Wednesday launched a Soyuz carrier rocket with a dual-purpose Meridian series telecommunications satellite on board. The satellite will ensure stable communications on the Northern Sea Route.

That’s what friends are for: A Russian mega-helicopter was Sunday used to lift home a Norwegian rescue helicopter that crash-landed at a mountain in northern Norway two weeks ago.

Sweden’s Foreign Minister Carl Bildt says the current rearming is a bigger threat to Russia itself than it is to the outside world.

Russian intelligence agencies can not only listen to your conversations, but also determine your location.

It is one and a half year since the fire onboard the Russian nuclear powered submarine “Yekaterinburg”, but still highly unclear if Norway will be informed if similar accidents happens again. The issue will be a hot potato at next week’s Barents Summit.

Norway prepares to meet new challenges in the north as the traffic along the Northern Sea Route and in the Arctic waters increases.

The scrap-heaps of solid radioactive waste on Russia’s Kola Peninsula will soon be eliminated as the top-modern facility for conditioning and long-term storage is built in the Saida Bay.

The Norwegian Army will establish a professional rapid reaction force in northern Norway.

Russia plans to reestablish several military camps in the Arctic, including one on the Kola Peninsula, a high-ranking military official says.

Cooperation in the north will be more difficult, but both Norway and Russia have strong self-interest in maintaining good relations, according to experts BarentsObserver has contacted.

President Vladimir Putin on Thursday oversaw the largest post-Soviet drill with launches of strategic missiles from the Barents Sea, Plesetsk near Arkhangelsk and the Pacific.

The Norwegian Armed Forces want to cut down on the number of soldiers at the world’s northernmost fortress Vardøhus from four to zero.

Finnish fighter combat jets will fly reconnaissance sorties this week as the country reacts to a series of airspace incursions by Russian aircraft.