Two hundred kilometres above the Arctic Circle hundreds of refugees and asylum seekers are finding a new life in northern Norway, but recently the doors have been shutting on those desperate to start fresh in the High North.


Birth rates in Russia are up 11,5 percent year-on-year the first four months of 2008. The figures indicate more spending power and a brighter view on the future among Russians.


Given existing trends, demographers say Russia’s population will shrink from the current level of 142 million to something between 125 million and 135 million by 2025, and could fall to as low as 100 million by 2050.

Norway and Russia

School No 1 in Murmansk on September 1 opens the first ever Norwegian-Russian class in the region. The 15 students, five of them Norwegians, will have all lectures in English and follow the Norwegian study plan.

Tromsø 2018, Sochi 2014

The planned bid for the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in Tromsø, Norway, is about to wreck as new cost estimates show a sum twice the size of the original budget. In Russia, meanwhile, the government intends to spend more than three times that sum on its 2014 Sochi Olympics.

Russian mining and metallurgy giant Norilsk Nickel has cut staff with 164 persons in the town of Nikel, located near the border to Norway.

Lars Miguel Utsi, International Barents Secretariat

The International Barents Secretariat has employed Swedish Lars Miguel Utsi as its Indigenous Peoples adviser. One of his commitments is to encourage good entrepreneurship among indigenous peoples.

The HIV infection

The number of new HIV cases in Murmansk Oblast has increased alarminly over the last three months.

The city administration of Murmansk will increase spending with 66 million RUB in 2009, reports.

The Russian tricolor

The Population Reference Bureau believes that the number of Russians in 2050 will total 110,1 million people. That is more than the estimates from the UN.

Odd Olsen Ingerø comes from the position as Head of the Norway’s National Criminal Investigation Service.

70 Norwegians and Russians gathered this weekend in Longyearbyen, Svalbard, for the world’s northernmost international sports exchange.

The mayor of the Velsk Rayon in Arkhangelsk Oblast sued local newspaper Velsk-Info for libel. The court however saw the case differently.

dot ru

The international media watchdog Reporters Without Borders has placed Russia among the countries “under surveillance” in this year’s report on world web control.