Admiral Maksimov to leave Northern Fleet

Commander of the Northern Fleet Admiral Maksimov (Photo Trude Pettersen)

Commander of the Northern Fleet Admiral Nikolay Maksimov is appointed Chief of Staff for the Western Military District, a navy web site writes.

An official statement of the appointment is waited to come in the nearest days, Central Naval Portal reports, citing a source in the Ministry of Defense.

Nikolay Maksimov has commanded the Northern Fleet since September 2007. During his time as the head of Russia’s most powerful fleet, the relationship between Norwegian and Russian armed forces has continued to develop in a very positive way.

Last summer units from the Northern Fleet and the Norwegian Navy trained together in the joint navy exercise ”POMOR 2010”, and preparations for this year’s exercise is well underway.

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Vice-admiral Andrey Olgertovich Volozhinsky is expected to become the next Commander. He has held post as Chief of Staff and Deputy Commander of the Northern Fleet since July 2010.

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