Successful retraining of naval officers

Since 2000, 727 Russian naval officers have been reeducated for civilian employment. Photo: Trude Pettersen

727 Russian officers have so far been reeducated for civilian employment through a Russian-Norwegian project.


Today 23 reserve officers from the Northern Fleet received state diplomas at a ceremony in Murmansk. They have been retrained for business administration.

People like these ex-officers are in demand at the labor market, says Konstantin Berezhny, Head of the Murmansk State Employment Center: “These are people who are used to discipline and to take responsibilities. They have strong voices and will probably become managers”.

The program for reeducation of Russian reserve officers is a joint project between the Murmansk Employment Center, the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Service and Norway’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The program has been running since 2000 and was initially run by the two countries’ ministries of defense. 

699 of the 727 former officers that have been reeducated have found new jobs or started their own business, GTRK Murman reports.