UPDATE: Russian navy finds abandoned Norwegian sailing boat

This sailing boat was found drifting in the Atlantic Ocean on Saturday. (Facsimile from TV Zvezda)

An abandoned Norwegian sailing boat was found drifting in the Southern parts of the Atlantic Ocean by Russian naval vessels late last week.


UPDATE: The vessel’s owner is safe and sound in Norway. Two friends of the owner were on their way to Norway with the boat when the rudder broke. After one week trying to sail with a makeshift rudder, they were rescued by a passing cruise vessel and abandoned the sailing boat.

Vessels from the Northern Fleet and Black Sea Fleet that are on a trans-Atlantic campaign on Saturday discovered an abandoned 10-meter long single-masted sailing boat carrying the Norwegian flag in the Bermuda triangle. Sails and rudders on the boat were partly broken.

Navy personnel entered the boat, where they found identification papers of a 65 year old Norwegian man who probably was the vessel’s owner, TV Zvezda reports.

The sailing boat is being tugged to harbor in Havana, Cuba. All information about the findings has been given to the naval command. There is no information about any missing Norwegian sailor in Norwegian media yet.

The Russian vessel group includes the Black Sea Fleet’s missile cruiser “Moskva”, the Northern Fleet’s destroyer “Vice Admiral Kulakov”, supply vessels and tankers. The group was formed in Portuguese waters on July 18 and is expected to reach Cuba on August 4, Murmanskiy Vestnik reports.