New wave of Swine flu in Norway

Swine flu virus on the move again. Photo from Wikipedia

Many persons are admitted to hospitals throughout Norway and Public Health authorities monitor the situation day by day.

Three different influenza viruses have been identified as of last week, one of them the swine flu H1N1.

“There is a lot of pressure on hospitals at the moment,” says Hanne Nøkleby, director of division of infectious diseases at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health to the Foreigner

“Many labs have been closed due to the Christmas holidays, meaning a lower rate of testing. We are also really just at the start of this year’s influenza season,” ….”we do expect a rise in flu cases during the next few weeks. We’re now in the third week of about eight before the rate starts to decline,” she says.

There is no indication the current swine flu strain is different to the 2009’s. The Institute of Public Health advices people in risk-risk groups to take the vaccine.