Zhanna will lead Barents youth cooperation

Zhanna Guzenko will lead the international youth cooperation in the Barents region from her office in Murmansk.

Zhanna Guzenko, who has been chair of the Barents Regional Youth Council for the last two years, has taken up position as CEO of the Barents Youth Cooperation Office in Murmansk.


Zhanna Guzenko (23) graduated from the Murmansk State Technical University, majoring in international relations with English and German as foreign languages. “Already at school I knew for sure I wanted to be engaged in international relations.  And not only because of the foreign languages – it always fascinated me to see how different issues could be solved in a peaceful diplomatic manner”.

 Zhanna is a patriot of the Barents Region. In spite of the fact she was born in Krasnodar Krai, she considers herself being a true northerner.  Her family moved to Murmansk when she was only five and has lived here ever since. “I belong here, I always feel as a guest when I’m in the South and more surprisingly I’m always freezing there!” – Zhanna says with a smile.

Being a Barents Regional Youth Council member for a long time and its chair afterwards, Zhanna has acquired a good expertise and a considerable network of contacts with youth organisations, governmental structures, NGOs, universities, students etc. She hopes it will help her make a valuable contribution to youth policy in the development of the region.

“It is very important to involve the youth in all aspects of life, irrespective of whether it is politics, music, culture or business”, Zhanna says. She is willing to actively promote youth cooperation and let the youth know about the possibilities of funding and support one can get in the Barents Region thus motivating them for a better change.  

In return she awaits many more cool projects to happen!