Less HIV infected in Murmansk

The number of new HIV infections went down in Murmansk last year. In Russia in general, the number went slightly up.


Since registration of HIV infections started, there have been detected a total of 4000 cases of infections in Murmansk Oblast. In 2011 there were 275 new cases of infection – 116 fewer cases than in 2010, B-port writes.

Also in 2010 the number of new infections went down in the regions. The positive trend has been made thanks to the introduction of successful prophylactic and medical measures, the authorities say. Murmansk Oblast was in the 1990s among the regions in Northwest Russia with the strongest growth in HIV cases.

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When it comes to Russia as a whole, the picture is not so positive. 62 000 new cases of HIV infection were detected in Russia last year, which is 5 percent more cases than in 2010. The regions with most new cases of HIV are the Sibirsky, Privolzhsky and Uralsky regions.

The main cause of HIV is still infection through the use of non-sterile intravenous injections.