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”We are building not only a railway line, we are building our road to the future, our Arctic pathway”, regional Governor Marina Kovtun said at a launch ceremony of the long-awaited and much-disputed Murmansk Transport Hub.

After five years of renovation, the Murmansk landmark hotel reopens its doors.



Production proceeds as planned, but parts of equipment and services will be replaced by Russian suppliers, a top leader of operator company Gazprom Neft says about Russia’s first offshore oil project.

The United States new round of sanctions on Russia could force Exxon to alter its ongoing drilling in the Kara Sea by September 26.

Acting Murmansk Governor Marina Kovtun won 64,7 percent of votes cast in Sunday’s Governors election where the voter turnout was record low 31 percent.

The acting governors in the Komi Republic and the Nenets Automous Okrug both secured new terms with more than 75 percent of the votes in Sunday’s elections.

The new round of EU and US sanctions aims at Russian offshore Arctic oil and gas projects, and could put grand partnerships between Rosneft, ExxonMobil, ENI and Statoil in jeopardy.

As tensions in East-West relations mount, more than 150 representatives of NGOs, regional authorities and institutions meet in Tromsø, northern Norway, to discuss enhanced Norwegian-Russian cooperation in the Barents Region.

Russian government management of High North developments, indigenous peoples and cross-border cooperation faces a reshuffle as President Putin abolishes the Ministry of Regional development.

Arkhangelsk Governor Igor Orlov says developing the good interaction between people in the Barents Region is beyond big politics.

Russia’s strategic nuclear-powered submarine «Vladimir Monomakh» has for the first time launched a Bulava intercontinental ballistic missile. According to official sources, the missile hit its target on the Kamchatka Peninsula in the Far East.

Tourists-visas issued by Russia’s Consulate General in Kirkenes are down a quarter. Tour operators blame the Ukrainian crisis.

More than a dozen navy vessels and submarines sail out from the Kola Peninsula on Tuesday. From the White Sea, a Bulava missile is likely to be launched.

Murmansk Fish Combinat has filed a claim with Russia’s Supreme Court against the country’s government over the ban on fish imports – a step the Federation Council calls ‘unprecedented’ and ‘welcome’.

Environmental activists from Norway are successfully working for delays in Rosneft’s first project in Norwegian Arctic.

Gazprom Neft platform Prirazlomnoye

The oil subsidiary of Russian gas giant Gazprom was granted exploration rights in the Barents Sea the very same day as EU sanctioned the company.

State oil company Petrovietnam gets stakes in two blocks in Russian Arctic waters as part of its new cooperation deal with Rosneft.

Tromsø International Film Festival tours Northwest Russia with a unique film concert – the classical Soviet silent film The House on Trubnaya set to new original music played live.

Norway will gain on having a stable and predictable relationship to Russia and should driving force in keeping up the political track in the West’s dialogue with the superpower, Jonas Gahr Støre says.

Weapon tests are completed and the submarine will soon sail towards her new homeport, less than 60 kilometres from the NATO border in the north.

Although the rise seems to be flattening out, the number of people crossing the border between Norway and Russia is still going up.

The value of exports of Norwegian seafood to Russia in August fell NOK 444 million (€54,7 million), or 82 percent, compared to last August.

According to local Murmansk media, three soldiers killed in fights on the border to Ukraine have been brought to their military units in Pechenga.