“We have growth all over”, Governor Igor Orlov told President Vladimir Putin this week. However, a closer look at the regional economy shows a different picture. 

The Japanese market eyes opportunities for import of clean energy from Finnmark.

When Bjørne Kvernmo docked his ship, “Havsel,” at the port in Tromsø this month, he knew it would be the end of a tradition he’s kept up for 40 years. With his return, northern Norway’s long-standing seal hunt had finally come to a close. 

Fish communities in the Barents Sea are changing, and that change is happening much faster than predicted. 



Russia’s Air Force will more than triple the number of Tu-160 strategic bombers.

Murmansk Governor Marina Kovtun was present at a keel laying ceremony for Russia’s newest nuclear-powered icebreaker, “Sibir”. 

For the first time since 2012, Norway has surpassed Russia as the largest supplier of gas to Western Europe.

“Worrisome that elected politicians in northern Norway advocate less critical journalism and editorial freedom in one of the few news sites that cover the Barents region.”

Three American internet firms could be blocked if they don’t hand over names of relevant bloggers to the authorities.

The country’s Arctic Brigade is mobilized as NATO countries together with Sweden and Finland start the Arctic Challenge rehearsal.

The former PM seeks an Arctic coast for Finland. Easy access to the Northeast Passage can turn the country into a global logistics hub, he argues.

President Putin has accepted the resignation of Arkhangelsk Governor Igor Orlov. He will continue as acting Governor, preparing the ground for elections in the fall.

Persons working inside Russia for foreign organizations or firms listed as “undesirable” can get hefty fines or get sentences of up to six years in prison. Norway says it is important to continue giving grants to cross-border NGO cooperation.

Norway’s Foreign Ministry sends a crystal clear message to the owners of BarentsObserver.

Nearly a hundred fighter jets participates as the joint exercise Arctic Challenge 2015 starts Monday in the skies over northern Norway, Sweden and Finland.

The network of Russian, Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish journalists urge to reverse the decision to limit the editorial freedom of BarentsObserver.

According to Finnmark County Authoritiy, the decision by the owners of the Barents Secretariat not to allow BarentsObserver to be subject to the Rights and Duties of the Editor, will have no impact on the news website’s further work.

Senator Lisa Murkowski, Alaska, and Senator Maria Cantwell, Washington, have introduced a bill that would authorize the Navy to build up to six icebreakers for use by the U.S. Coast Guard.

The editorial staff is deeply concerned about the future of BarentsObserver as owners decide to restrict the newspaper’s editorial rights and mandate to follow principles of free press.

Ship building, space program and development of the Far East are the biggest losers in the ministry’s proposal to cuts in state programs.

According to a doctoral dissertation to be published by the University of Helsinki, the indigenous Sámi people of Northern Finland generally have lower cancer rates than the rest of the country’s population.

Oleg Birlinskiy knows he took a risk.  

From the gardens and castles of the Czech Republic, to the icebergs and freezing temperatures of the Svalbard archipelago, Dr. Minoslav Druckmüller travelled far from home to photograph a rare celestial event.

The nickel company is ready to sell a string of non-core assets, among them the Arkhangelsk Sea Port.