The North Atlantic Drilling Ltd believes there are “significant risks” related to its $4.1 billion Arctic contracts with Rosneft.

The UK needs to up its game in the Arctic or risk being «outmaneuvered” by other states, and should start by appointing an ambassador to the region, according to a report by the House of Lords Arctic Committee.

Local waters are full of the delicacy. But none of it reaches the local population.

Could the Northern Sea Route be suitable for shipment of fish from the Far East to the European parts of Russia and vice versa? Stake holders in Russia’s fisheries industry and fishery authorities believe so.



Russian regions feel the pain as the country’s economy spirals into depression. In Murmansk Oblast, the governor cuts her budget with 25 percent.

Russia is prepared to protect its interests in the Arctic with military means if necessary, says Minister of Defense Sergey Shoygu, pointing to the increasing interest in the region’s resources by countries with no direct access to the Arctic.

Norwegian and Russian scientists are going to cooperate on counting the number of polar bears around Svalbard and Franz Josef Land.

The volume of shipments via Russia’s ports in the Arctic will grow by over 60% to 115 million tons per year, an official from the port association says.

Russia has announced a tender for preparation of documents to back its claim with the UN to expand the boundaries of its continental shelf in the Arctic.

No cold international climate stops Norway and Russia to invest heavily in cross-border road infrastructure. Excavators and dump trucks work day and night upgrading Russia’s highway to NATO.

Gazprom Neft has for the first time sent oil from Yamal along the northern Sea Route in winter conditions. 16.000 tons of crude oil was shipped to European consumers by oil tanker, escorted by a nuclear icebreaker.

The state-owned company requests permission for 2-year extended license terms in 12 offshore Arctic projects.

Seventeen months after the steel was first cut, two brand new icebreaking rescue and salvage vessels for the Russian Arctic are ready at Nordic Yards in Germany. The naming ceremony for “Beringov Proliv” and “Murman” was held on Thursday.

Some 75,500 accommodation nights for Russians were registered in the past December.

A railway line from northern Finland to the Norwegian Arctic coast will open a new base for industrial development in the Nordic countries, a group of regional industrialsts says.

The economic crisis forces Russia to postpone its next state armament program with three years.

Despite plummeting raw material prices, the Russian steelmaker gets its best financial result in six years.

Norway will no longer have a Commissioner dressed in military uniform on its border to Russia. Ellen Katrine Hætta could take over the position as part of the Government’s nationwide police reform.

One of Russia’s largest seafood producers and aspiring aquaculture company «Russian Sea Group” changes its name to «Russian Aquaculture” and announces a large investment program.

Secure communications, more naval and air force cooperation, and combined units for crisis management operations are among the recommendations in a new report on Finnish-Swedish military cooperation.

Despite the sanctions, U.S oil companies Shlumberger and Baker Hughes still bid for new contracts in Russian Arctic waters.

Falling oil price hits Norway hard. Exported crude oil for NOK 13.2 billion (€1.54 billion) in January, less than half from the corresponding month last year.

Sevmash shipyard in Severodvinsk outside Arkhangelsk has full order books for 2015. For the first time since the fall of the Soviet Union, the shipyard is constructing four different nuclear-powered submarines at the same time.

Production is down and prices drop 40 percent in half a year. But Norilsk Nickel still keeps the margins.

68 new windmills soon to be approved near Skellefteå. In 2014, Europe installed more new wind energy capacity than gas and coal combined.