A 690 meter long tunnel will be part of new infrastructure connecting the Norwegian border town of Kirkenes with Russia.

There is currently no military threats against Finland, but changes are possible, head of the country’s Armed Forces, General Jarmo Lindberg says. At the same time, the Finnish Parliament promises an increase in military spending.

The drilling of the Pingvin well in the Barents Sea did not prove suffient hydrocarbons for further field development.

Exxon and Rosneft have found oil at the first well drilled, but the unanswered question is how to exploit it as sanctions halt Arctic offshore cooperation.



Sport plays and will continue to play an important role in the people-to-people cooperation in the Barents Region, top sports officials from all four countries say.

The two nuclear submarines have crossed the entire Northern Sea Route onboard the heavy-lift vessel “Transshelf.”

Despite cold political climate, the U.S. and Russia cooperated on a secret September voyage with Highly-enriched uranium from Poland to Murmansk. Norwegian radiation authorities not informed before the vessel sailed into its economical zone.

Four persons representing the Talvivaara nickel mine were indicted on Monday by the Eastern Finland public prosecutor.

Foreign Minister Børge Brende says Norway joins the restrictive measures against Russia introduced by EU earlier in September.

First large live-fire exercise at 76°N in Post-Soviet times with vessels from Russia’s Northern fleet involved downing of a cruise missile.

President of the Norwegian Sàmi Parliament, Aili Keskitalo, presses the alarm bell to world leaders meeting in New York about how Russian authorities harass its indigenous peoples.

Salve Dahle

Salve Dahle with Akvaplan-Niva in Norway hopes the verbal conflict and boycott in trade between east and west will have little consequences on high north research cooperation. Arctic Frontiers conferance signs with Russian Geographical Society.

The sunken Russian submarine is located on the seabed with 800 kilos of spent uranium fuel in one of the most important fishing areas in the Barents Sea.

Valentina Sovkina was on her way from Lovozero on Russia’s Kola Peninsula to the UN World Conference on Indigenous Peoples.

Finland’s coalition government on Thursday approved plans for building a new nuclear power plant in Pyhäjoki with Russian designed reactor.

We are happy to announce partnership with Eye on the Arctic, a circumpolar co-production network between public and private media organizations.

”We are building not only a railway line, we are building our road to the future, our Arctic pathway”, regional Governor Marina Kovtun said at a launch ceremony of the long-awaited and much-disputed Murmansk Transport Hub.

After five years of renovation, the Murmansk landmark hotel reopens its doors.

Production proceeds as planned, but parts of equipment and services will be replaced by Russian suppliers, a top leader of operator company Gazprom Neft says about Russia’s first offshore oil project.

The United States new round of sanctions on Russia could force Exxon to alter its ongoing drilling in the Kara Sea by September 26.

Acting Murmansk Governor Marina Kovtun won 64,7 percent of votes cast in Sunday’s Governors election where the voter turnout was record low 31 percent.

The acting governors in the Komi Republic and the Nenets Automous Okrug both secured new terms with more than 75 percent of the votes in Sunday’s elections.

The new round of EU and US sanctions aims at Russian offshore Arctic oil and gas projects, and could put grand partnerships between Rosneft, ExxonMobil, ENI and Statoil in jeopardy.

As tensions in East-West relations mount, more than 150 representatives of NGOs, regional authorities and institutions meet in Tromsø, northern Norway, to discuss enhanced Norwegian-Russian cooperation in the Barents Region.