New patrol vessel for Murmansk border guards

The launching ceremony was held at Almaz shipyard on November 23. (Photo: Almaz)

A vessel of the new Sobol-class patrol boats has been launched at the Almaz shipyard in St. Petersburg. Next summer the vessel will arrive in Murmansk.


The vessel will be used by FSB’s border guards in the Murmansk region and will be based in Murmansk. Of a total of 16 Sobol vessels build by Almaz shipyard, this is the first one to be based in the North, Flotprom writes.  

The vessel is planned to arrive in Murmansk in June 2013.

The Sobol series patrol vessels are 30 meters long and have a maximum speed of 49 knots. They have a crew of ten persons, Almaz’ web site reads.

FSB’s coast guards in Murmansk in 2009 received a new vessel of the larger Sprut series. In September 2012 this vessel visited Bodø in Northern Norway on the occasion of the annual top meeting between the Norwegian Joint Headquarters and FSB Border Guard.