More than 10 new attack submarines

Graney Class sub "Severodvinsk" (photo:

Russia will build more than ten new Graney attack submarines.


A Russian military official told Itar-Tass that “more than ten” multi-purpose Graney subs will be built by year 2020. The number is higher than previously reported. Russian Navy Admiral Vladimir Vystosky earlier this month said that “at least” eight Graney vessels will be built.

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The Graney class Project 855 (in Russian “Yasen”) are multi-purpose attack submarines. They are nuclear-powered and will all be built at the Sevmash yard in Severodvinsk.

The first Graney class sub, the “Severodvinsk”, will start two-month-long sea trials in the White Sea in August, and it is expected to enter service with the Russian Navy by the end of 2011. The second submarine of this class, “Kazan”, is entering its final stage of construction at the Sevmash shipyard in Severodvinsk outside Arkhangelsk. Construction of a third Graney class submarine is planned to begin in 2011.