New governor wants more Pomor culture

Igor Orlov (photo:

Igor Orlov wants Akhangelsk to develop its “Pomor brand”.


Governor Orlov, who was sworn in as new regional governor on the 3 February this year, wants Arkhangelsk to promote its Pomor culture.

The traditional northern Pomor heritage is our regional brand, which must be supported and developed,” the Governor said at a government meeting this week, a press release from the regional administration reads.

Orlov, himself a native from Arkhangelsk Oblast, also stressed that Arkhangelsk should get a Pomor Museum. From before, museums devoted to the Pomor culture exist in Karelia, Murmansk, as well as the Norwegian town of Vardø.

Speaking in connection with the recently ended Year of Pomor Culture, Governor Orlov also confirmed that the soon to be established regional Ministry of Culture will deveote special focus to Pomor issues, Regnum reports.

Orlov also discussed the possible establishment of a Pomor Center in the region.

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In Arkhangelsk Oblast, and especially in the coastal areas, many people still consider themselves as Pomors. In the 18th century, the Pomors were widely known as the active tradesmen operating along the whole coast of the White Sea and the Barents Sea.