Bids €54 million for Murmansk port

Murmansk coal harbor. Photo: Thomas Nilsen

Joint bid from Alfa Capital and Siberian Coal Energy Company to buy the state’s 25 percent share of Murmansk commercial seaport.


The tendered bid of RUB 2,2 billion (€54 million) announced on Tuesday is 67 percent higher than the estimated market value of RUB 1,32 billion (€32 million), reports B-port.

The bid has to be approved by the government before the contract can be signed. Such approval is expected to come before the year end, reports Murmansk Business News.

Siberian Coal Energy Company is from before holding a controlling state in the port. The main activity of the Commercial port is coal shipments. Coal is transported to Murmansk by rail from the South Urals and southwestern Siberia.