Win-win for Lapland wind

There are already several wind parks in the Barents Region, like this one outside Kiruna in northern Sweden.

Construction of windmills worth €200 million start now at three wind parks in Kittilä, Sondankylä and Iin Myllykangas in northern Finland.


The project is run by Laatumaa, the business unit of Finland’s state-owned land management company Matsähallitus. In total 45 wind mills will be built at the three wind farms.

“Project development will add additional value to state lands and natural resources and ecosystem services. The local wind power development projects are a good example of commercially profitable ecosystem services based on new business activity,” says Erikki Kunnari, wind-power chief at Laatumaa in a press-release.

The two wind parks southwest and southeast of Sodankylä, in the direction of Kittilä, will get 17 wind turbines generating 51 MW and nine turbines generating 27 MW respectively. It is London-based investor Impax that has closed the financing of the two wind parks after completed acquisition of the project from Fortum and Metsähallitus.  

“The construction and maintenance of a wind power unit also opens up possibilities for local business activity, which would add to the vitality of the area, according to Erkki Kunnari.

The third wind park in Iin Myllykangas is located south of Oulu.