Portal disclose “secret” nuclear weapon city

Olenogorsk (Google Earth maps)

Under the headline “Nuclear threat to Scandinavia” Baltic Review reports in detail about the secret city of Olenogorsk-2 on Russia’s Kola Peninsula.


The city, by locals nicknamed Tsar-city, is located just east of Olenogorsk south of Murmansk. It is also named Military unit 62834, and belongs to the 12th Chief Directorate of the Ministry of Defence. This is the structure of the Defense Ministry responsible for storage, technical maintenance and delivery of Russia’s nuclear weapons arsenal.

The 12th Chief Directorate is likely the most secret organization in the Russian Armed Forces, even more than GRU and the Strategic Rocket Forces.

Olenogorsk (Google Earth maps)
The top-secret city of Olenogorsk-2 is located south of Murmansk on the Kola Peninsula, not far from Russia’s border to Finland and Norway.

Baltic Review writes about different type of tactical nuclear weapons in Olenogorsk-2 that have a range that could fly to Kirkenes in Norway or Rovaniemi in Finland. The city was built in 1954 and is still the central storage for tactical nuclear weapons for the navy and air force, according to the article.

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Military unit 62834 is also named Repair and technical base of the Northern Fleet Air Force.

According to Wikipedia, another location named Olenogorsk-8 was created in the same area in 1984 and holds arsenals of nuclear weapons. The cities are named by-code names based on their near location to the civilian city of Olenogorsk, home to iron-ore mining and processing industry.

The article in Baltic Reveiw also lists other locations that could hold nuclear weapons in the Kola Peninsula; all of the others named are at the Northern fleet’s bases along the cost of the Kola Peninsula.

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There are many such locations all over Russia, but there is now information about which of them that today still holds arsenals of nuclear weaponry.