Record high cod stock

The cod stocks in the Barents Sea has shown a remarkable growth over the last years, and recent numbers show an all time high for the stock in 2011.


Every autumn the Norwegian Institute of Marine Research together with the Russian Marine Institute Pinro performs monitoring of the fish stocks in the Barents Sea. This year has shown that the amount of cod spawn is very promising and that the stock is record high. It is especially in the areas west of the new delimitation line that the stock has been most promising, the institute writes on their web site.

The management of the marine resources in the Barents Sea is cooperation between Norway and Russia. The rise in stocks and the good catch over the last years has been highlighted as a proof of the success of the good Norwegian – Russian cooperation in the Barents Sea.

But even though the fish stocks are at a peak, the Norwegian Fish industry has been struggling financially over the last years. Therefore the Norwegian fish export association started a new campaign to promote Norwegian Sea food as the best in the world. They are spending almost €6 million on marketing of this to increase sales. Norwegian fish has a high market price, and the campaign is focusing on that the price is also a sign of the superb quality.

The Norwegian Minster of Fishery, Lisbeth Berg-Hansen, is very eager to promote this campaign. The international financial situation can also affect Norwegian fish export, and Berg-Hansen emphasizes the importance of such campaigns to turn the situation around, Norwegian website NRK writes.