Gazprom shows interest in Norwegian pipeline grid

The Norwegian gas pipeline grid

Russian gas giant Gazprom has contacted Gassco, the owner of the Norwegian gas pipeline grid, with a request on possible use of the Norwegian gas transport network.


Thor Otto Lohne confirms to newspaper Dagens Næringsliv that the Russians have contacted his company regarding the issue. Mr. Lohne says no official request has yet been sent and that details about the Russian interest remain unclear. A Norwegian analysts says to that the Russian company might want to use the Norwegian pipes to get access to the British market. Gassco is responsible as operator for transporting Norwegian gas to continental Europe and the UK. In 2007, the company carried 86,68 billion cubic metres of dry (sales) gas to the market, corresponding to about 15 percent of European gas consumption, the company website informs. As operator, Gassco is responsible for operating the Norwegian gas transport system on behalf of joint ventures/companies (owners).