Arkhangelsk invests in new cathedral

The Arkhangelsk cathedral

The Bishop of Arkhangelsk in a ceremony last weekend sanctified the foundation stone of the city’s new cathedral. Regional Governor Ilya Mikhalchuk says the new cathedral will be built in two years.


The sanctification of the site was conducted by regional Bishop Tikhon. Present at the ceremony was also Governor Mikhalchuk and city Mayor Viktor Pavlenko, newspaper Pravda Severa reports. -This day will forever be written into our history, Bishop Tikhon said. Governor Mikhalchuk added that he promises that the cathedral will be built in short time. -I am sure that it will not take much time before we can enjoy our excellent cathedral and become visitors to this spiritual centre, he said. -I believe that the cathedral will be built in two years, the governor underlined. The city of Arkhangelsk before 1917 had a cathedral as well as a big number of churches. However, both the cathedral and most of the churches were destroyed in the Soviet period. The reconstruction of the cathedral has long been on the agenda of Bishop Tikhon and his Arkhangelsk diocese. The new building will be located near the city centre on the Northern Dvina river bank. Photo: