Komi Republic prepares for new gas pipeline

The Bovanenkovskoe field

Governor of the Komi Republic Vladimir Torlopov today met with Gazprom Deputy Chairman Valerii Golubyov to discuss the implementation of the Bovanenkovskoe-Ukhta pipeline. The 1100 km long pipeline will by 2011 transport an annual 115 billion cubic meters of gas from the Yamal Peninsula towards European importers.


The pipeline project, a part of Gazprom’s grand development of the Yamal Peninsula, is one of the biggest investment projects in the Komi Republic this decade. The pipeline which will be linked with the Bovanenkovskoe field runs through major parts of the republic.

2450 km of new pipeline will need to be built in connection with the development of the Yamal gas, RIA Novosti reports. A major part – 1100 km – will link the Bovanenkovskoe with Ukhta in the Komi Republic. A part of the pipeline will run through the Baydaratskii Bay, the fjord west of the Yamal Peninsula.

According to the Komi regional administration, the construction of the railway was started this year. According to plans i will be completed in 2010.

-This is a mega-project which will secure gas supplies not only to Russia, but also to its foreign partners, thanks to the formation of a new huge gas producing region in the Yamal Peninsula.

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Map: Pipelines to the Yamal Peninsula (