Oil specialists go to Arkhangelsk

Over the last couple of years, a number of oil specialists from StatoilHydro and Total have been in Arkhangelsk to hold lectures at the Arkhangelsk Technical University’s Institute of Oil and Gas. The institute is seen as a strategically important institution for training of experts to international projects in the Barents Sea.


Only in the course of 2007, eight Norwegian petroleum professors have been in Arkhangelsk to hold lectures for the local students. Now, also Total looks towards the institute with growing interest. In spring this year, the company sent a professor from its Association of teachers to the northern Russian city. -The teaching by the foreign specialists is a real must, head of the institute, Mr. Nikolay Dudin says to newspaper Pravda Severa. Today, most of the institute’s teachers are retired leaders of Russian oil-related companies, all of them without pedagogic training. Both oil companies now support the institute financially and expect it to be recruit basis for future industrial activities in the Barents Sea. The best students are offered grants and studies at prestigious institutes both in Norway and France. The Arkhangelsk Institute of Oil and Gas was established in year 2000. Since then, it has increased steadily and not trains several hundreds students. The institute is the only of its kind in this part of Russia.