Russia’s biggest sub ready for scrapping

Dismantling nuclear sub (

The TK-13 Typhoon-class nuclear submarine has arrived in Severodvinsk in northern Russia where it will be decommissioned and scrapped. The sub is one of Russia’s biggest.


The vessel will be decommissioned by the Zvezdochka shipyard, one of two major yards in Severodvinsk (Arkhangelsk Oblast). According to, the decommissioning is made with Russian, US and Canadian funding, contributed partly through the Global Partnership and the Russian-US programme on joint threat reduction. The operation will be completed by March 2009, reports. The TK-13 is one of six Typhoon subs built by the Soviet Union, all of them in Severodvinsk. Now three vessels remain in operation – the “Arkhangelsk”, the “Severstal” and the recently modernized “Dmitry Donskoy”.