Russia’s new government


Prime Minister Vladimir Putin yesterday presented his new cabinet to President Dmitrii Medvedev. The key government posts remain in the hands of well-known former ministers and Putin protégés.


The cabinet was the same day approved by Mr. Medvedev. The new government will have seven deputy prime ministers. Among the new deputy PMs are three former top aides from Putin’s presidential administration – Igor Sechin, Sergey Sobyanin and Igor Shuvalov.

The remaining four deputies are former PM Viktor Zubkov, Aleksandr Zhukov, Sergey Ivanov and Aleksey Kudrin.

Viktor Zubkov and Igor Shuvalov get the title as first deputy prime ministers

Sergey Lavrov remains Russian foreign minister.

New head of the FSB is Aleksandr Bortinikov. Former FSB head Nikolay Patruchyev becomes new secretary of the Russian Security Council.

The presidential administration of Dmitrii Medvedev is headed by former first deputy PM Sergey Naryshkin. He will in the Kremlin be accompanied by top officials Vladislav Surkov and Aleksey Gromov.

The new cabinet and presidential administration make analysts conclude that the former power elite will remain in control. Vladimir Putin is the big winner in the new structure, newspaper the Moscow Times reports.

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