Medvedev: freedom and welfare for Russia

Dmitrii Medvedev inaugurated (

In his inauguration speech today, Dmitrii Medvedev highlighted that people’s freedom, the rule of law, economic prospering and the development of civil society will be main keywords for his presidential rule.


Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin in the ceremony added further uncertainties to his future role as prime minister. In his speech held before the appearance of Mr. Medvedev, Putin said that his main task as prime minister will to “take care of Russia” and that he will follow this rule “all of his life”, reports.

The successful power sharing between the two strong men of Russia is considered decisive for President Medvedev and the implementation of his objectives.

-I consider my most important task to further develop the civil and economic freedom [of the people] and to create new and wide-reaching possibilities for the self-realization of the people –a free people responsible for their personal success and for the flourishing of the country, Dmitrii Medvedev said in his speech.

-To the full extent, I see what will need to be done – what is needed to make the state just and caring to the inhabitants, to secure the highest possible life standards in order to make as many people as possible become part of the middle class, get good education and good quality services in the health sector, he added.

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