Nenets AO has highest salaries in Russia

The Nenets AO

The highest salaries among officials in Russia are found in the far northern Nenets Autonomous Okrug.


Salaries in the oil-rich region region are highest among officials in the regional administration, as well as in the municipalities with respectively 67.702 RUB and 51.016 RUB, newspaper Pravda Several reports with reference to Federal officials in the region make an average of 35.584 RUB. The sums in the Nenets AO are far higher than in the neighbouring Arkhangelsk Oblast. There, the salaries are respectively 25.834 RUB, 33.499 RUB and 18.155 RUB. The Nenets Autonomous Okrug has about 42,000 inhabitants, of which half live in the regional capital of Naryan-Mar.