Russian timber protectionism


From 1 January 2009 Russia increases timber export tariffs to 75 USD per cubic meter in a bid to boost domestic forestry processing. The five-fold tariff increase in less that a year now triggers major problems among the foreign timber importers.


Russia has about thirty percent of the world’s timber reserves, but has an underdeveloped timber processing industry. The sector is in major need of investments both in industrial capacities and in infrastructure.

Russia last year exported forestry products worth 8 billion USD, half of which was unprocessed timber. At the same time, the importers of the Russian timber themselves sold processed forestry products worth 12 billion USD.

Russia now intends to catch up with the forestry processing countries. According to Russian authorities, the amount of investments in the sector is already increasing rapidly.

Already from April this year, the tariffs are increasing with 25 percent to about 15 EUR per cubic meter.

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